Thursday, October 25, 2012


Michlyn just finished up her first varsity volleyball season with the Pact Panthers!
I had the opportunity of watch just 3 games, 2 of which they dominated :)
But dad took in every home game, as well as a couple away games - he loves cheering his kids on!
Michlyn played team lebaro and rocked the position!
They played their final sectional game last night & Michlyn came home excited to report she got her first "tick tick boom" ... they didn't win but definitely finished with a BANG!
We're so proud of you!!!
"21 is lots of fun!"


He did it again!!!
Our J was voted September's  "Student of the Month" by his classmates!
He encourages others in learning.
Is trustworthy and reliable.
Is respectful and shows concern for others.
It is such a wonderful feeling to know others see the good and kind in your kids!
We've known all along what an awesome kid "J" and thank God for the blessing of being his family!
Way to Go Buddy!
We're so PROUD of who you are!
Love you