Wednesday, November 25, 2009

another happy birthday.

Our baby turned 4 today!
4 years ago, Thanksgiving day, he entered the world; purple, very quiet, and beautiful!
7#, 20" long, brown hair, big eyes, our second son :)

S. on his new "big" bed

S. enjoyed the day being all about him : )

His two known requests for his 4th birthday;

A Big Bed
(He was still sleeping in a toddler bed)

And BatMan guys

*And he got both.... It was a perfect 4 year olds kind of day!

Here's what he had to say on his special day...

What do you want to be when you grow up?


What is your favorite color?


Favorite animal?

horseys & zebras

Favorite food?

Hot dogs
(*And was his requested birthday dinner : )

How tall will you be?

"this tall"
*As you climbs into my lap he adds... "I want to be little Momma, not big"
Favorite Candy?

What makes you laugh?

My friends are...

Mrs. Terrie
(His preschool teacher : )
Favorite Song?
Bob the Builder...Can we fix it! : )

Happy Birthday S!
We love you more everyday
Your enthusiasm & energy for life makes all our days brighter.
We thank God for bringing you into our lives 4 years ago :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our Sweet E. recently started a new school... with a smile of confidence... wow!
(*At an age where life can already seem hard.)

She is doing awesome.

E. has a beautiful attitude and courage.... her faith shining through.

She makes me want to be brave.

We are so proud of you "Sunshine"... You're an inspiration... We love you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy November & more...

Some how nearly a month has passed since the last time I posted.

If anyone still stops by every now and then, please forgive me.

As usual, our November has been busy... but this year we've had some added excitment.

We have celebrated several birthdays, with more to come....

My Dad turned 60... Happy Birthday Dad-We Love You!

First week of November, DJ landed in the hospital for a weeks stay; for an urgent disc replacement surgergy. (due to a severly herniated disc in his neck)

Thank God... for the miracle of medicine & technology...DJ is on the mend... And prayerfully heading back to work soon. *He's stir crazy and feeling well... so he's looking for something more to occupy his time again :) We love you, Hunnie!

And we celebrated the "birth" of us becoming parents :)

Our beautiful M. turned 13!

Where does the time go... feels like yesterday she was placed in my arms

8#- 21"long - fuzzy brown hair- bright blue eyes

Our hearts were changed forever that sweet November day.

*M. -4 years old*

Our beautiful birthday girl!

What do you want to be?

a teacher

Favorite Things:
Food: Pizza

Color: blue

What annoys you?

bugs-they are gross & annoying

Saver or Spender?
both... I save it to spend it :)

Favorite thing about our family?

They are always there for me, well almost always.

Favorite Candy?


What makes you laugh?

jokes & funny comments

My friends are....

nice & caring

Something you want to get better at?


What do you have to say about turning 13?

nothing different... just one year older

Favorite Song?

"Give me your eyes"

*We love you Sweetie. And are so proud of the young woman you have become.
May you continue to follow after God and be the unique and beautiful person He created you to be!
Happy 13th Birthday!

Stay tuned for more birthday celebrations & family fun ... God Bless