Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anniversary {21 Years}

Last month on February 19th, my amazing parents celebrated 21 years of marriage! It is absolutely incredible to be one of their kids and get to witness them do life together and love each other unconditionally at the same time. Let me tell you, they are not afraid to show each other that they care for one another and at the same time they may or may not "gross out" 5 other people. ;) 

 It is so important and I am so blessed by them and the example they have set for me and my siblings. In our world today, it isn't very often that you see couples who have been together almost their whole life and continue to share their love. They not only love each other, but they also love us (their kids), extended family, many many friends, and even strangers. My mom & dad constantly put people above themselves and humbly give to others before they give to themselves. Watching the two most important people in my life have such humble and serving attitudes, makes me want to mimic them as I continue to grow.


Mom & dad I love you...WE love you sooo much that it's almost impossible to describe what you mean to us. Yeah a lot of days we drive you crazy, and you have to ask 10 times for us to do something, or we're all together in the car and we are so loud that you would probably rather walk home. BUT we know that you love us too and that's all that matters!


Thank you for being such incredible parents, setting such wonderful examples for us, and teaching us some of the most important lessons in life. We wouldn't want anyone else to help us in our life journey!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

In 2014...

Hey blog world! Have we lost you yet? Crazy to think that it's been over a year since either one of us has written here. My mom and I both enjoy writing a lot, so it surprises me that it's taken this long for the blog to get a face lift and some words jotted down.

2014 was a crazy year and time really did fly by! To think we're already 3 months into 2015 blows my mind. Life has journeys and adventures and they all seem to come and go so fast. We can never catch a break before the next thing comes up. But with a family of seven life just gets busy and you have to keep your priorities straight and put what's most important at the top of the list.

Some memories that we did enjoy were:

Celebrating mom & dad's 20th anniversary
Our angel baby, Laura Grace, turned 10 years old in heaven
E & M went to their first prom
The summer was full of soccer games and a break from school
We moved again
E & M went on a youth group trip to Kansas City
August started my (Michlyn) senior year of high school
Mom & I went on my senior class trip to Wisconsin Dells
Finished high school volleyball and that was so bittersweet
I got accepted into my #1 college for this Fall (2015)
Celebrated Christmas as a family & welcomed the new year

In between all of that we fit in work schedules, dad coaching J's soccer team, co-op/adoption groups, school meetings, volleyball games, projects, searching for a house, everyone's birthdays, seeing friends, driving all around to get everyone to the right place, going to church & youth group, and any other possible event that we could fit in.

Thanks for following along for all these years! We'll be trying to post more and keep the blog updated through 2015, as it will be a big year full of new transitions and fun times ahead!