Thursday, April 22, 2010

life on a cloud.

It's been a week since we received our "referral"

we are elated!

it's undescribable, the feeling when you final see the face and know the name of the precious little one you've prayed diligently for.

she is beautiful.

she is loved.

she is ours.

but i imagine much like "floating on a cloud"...

the journey continues to have it's ups and downs.

we float up... and are light on our feet.

nothing can take away our happiness.

no one can say anything to squelch the feeling of arriving to this point in the journey.

then the sky is dark and the clouds are heavy with rain.

we are uncertain to when we will hold her in our arms forever.

we are uncertain when we will travel.

will we travel around the world one time or two.

uncertain what comes next.

uncertain we're equipped for just the next step.

no matter what though, we remain certain that our God is sovereign.

His plans are perfect.

and His grace is sufficient.

we are anticipating this part of the wait to feel like forever

but sure all the waiting will fade away the moment she's in our arms.

each moment of each day.

we are resting in God's goodness.

"floating" on His love & faithfulness for each one of us.

we are blessed.

and we wait.

in love once again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's a girl!

We received the call Wednesday (4/14/10) afternoon.
A day we will not soon forget!
I actually had a voicemail on my cell phone from our SW... I immediately got butterflies in my stomach & tears in my eyes-just from our SW's voice in a message :)
It did not take long to connect but it felt like forever.
Just a short time into our conversation she shared she had a "REFERRAL" for us.
Here's some of what I heard....
She's a beautiful 3 year old little girl
Her big brown eyes are capitivating...they truly are!
And her precious little smile is heart warming.
Her Daddy & I are in LOVE!
No, her whole family is in LOVE!!!

It will be approximately 3 months until she's home in our arms forever.

In the meantime we do all we can as far as it's depends on us.

We are uncertain if we will be traveling to Ethiopia one or two times,

But trusting in God's plan & provision for each next step.

Did I mention, we are in LOVE???

Please keep us in your prayers... and we will keep you posted!

"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a fuure." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, April 9, 2010


Our family is Number 6!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 more.

this is what we know.

3 more referrals.

3 more sweet babes matched with their "forever families"

3 more times my heart lept for joy.

The anticipation of adoption is hard to explain.

The wait to see the face of the little one created to grow up in your family is so many things;








Having had the blessed privilege of welcoming children into my arms through pregnancy I now know both similarities and differences in the adoption journey...

Like pregnancy; you long to see and hold the child you know will become part of your heart & life forever.

Unlike pregnancy; you have absolulety NO idea when to expect the little blessing--not the month, not the season, not even the year. ???

The journey is much like a rollercoaster... one moment filled with confidence and the next consumed with fear & doubt you are not cut-out for the ride.

In "real life" I like rollercoasters... the wind in your face, the excitment and thrill of the next turn and hill--all safely beneath the hold of selt belts & other gadgets.

Verdict's still out on how I'm fairing this ROLLERCOASTER ride...

Resting in His perfect timing and plans for me and my family.

Seeking comfort in His truths.

Wanting to be filled with His strength and wisdom.

We are now #7 on the Forum Waiting List... Seem like we should be #5???

It's the winding part of the ride...

I can only imagine the work of those doing all they can to match these precious children to waiting families.

I can say that we trust their prayerful & difficult decisions....

Thank you for all you do for the glory of God!

And the journey continues :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sunshine :)

We surprisingly have had some unseasonably warmer and "Sunny" days.

And it makes me happy.

Really happy.

Though, today has some brisker winds... the sun is shining BRIGHT!

And I love it.

Another little something that makes me happy... and even want to dance...

We moved on the forum wait list!

There was a referral yesterday... Matched to the family just ahead of us on this list :)

We now sit at NUMBER 8!!!

Not sure what it means... but the movement is exciting... And another one of God's children has been matched to his "forever family".

That gives me goosebumps.

Before this I have been finding myself kind of stuck, I guess.

Unable to come up with the words to express my heart & thoughts.

Praying the words come a little more freely... in which case I'll keep you posted on further developments :)

If anyone's still stops by... thanks for hanging in there...

I believe the "journey" has only just begun.

God Bless.