Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving snuck up on me fast this year, and I hadn't found time to post until now.

We continue to be busy - still finding time for the important things people in our lives! :)

Thursday, November 24th wasn't just Thanksgiving this year but the birth day of our little 'S'

6 years ago, he arrived into the world on Thanksgiving day,

 purple and much quieter than anticipated but Oh so beautiful!

a special little boy right from the start

and we are still so thankful for our little thanksgiving blessing!

From day one of T's arrival into our family, S has embraced his little "twin" with an open heart!

[Halloween 2006]

Daddy was the first to start calling him our "Little Turkey" ...

and his silliness & zest for life has him living up to the given nickname
So last Thursday, we celebrated S's 6th birthday

Where does the time go.?*!

 S. Daniel has a way of putting a smile on our faces daily...

he tells the cutest jokes - most of the time funny because they don't make complete sense :D

And says some of the sweetest things

 S loves lego's, playing guys [action figures], and anything Starwars

all with his very best friend & big brother J

The two of them are often inseperable

[He surprised me and seemed to love the 28 person chrous that sung to him at Gma &Gpa's home :)
Happy happy Birthday!
We all love you little guy!
Momma, Dad, M, E, J, & T

Friday, November 25, 2011

Good Deal

My mom and dad left early this morning to go Black Friday shopping. They stopped at Goodwill and she came home with this.
Live Passionately ~ Laugh Uncontrollably ~ Love Unconditionally

We found a good spot for it on the wall, where it matches both wall colors and even the orange in the kitchen. Even though it is quite bare right now, my mom & I hope to get a few more things on the wall.

It's probably going to take a little while, but we know it was a good deal! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Cleaning

Since it's Thanksgiving Break for us, I decided to get right to work this morning in my room. I decided to go with the the spots that I can usually ignore for quite a while. I've definitely a neat freak, but sometimes I just don't have the motivation to clean everything, every other day. I only worked in my room this morning because my siblings were playing around the house and I didn't want to start picking up and then have it recked in less than an hour.

So my hotpsots in my room are: My dresser, the ledge above my bed (kind of like a nightstand), and the chair at the end of my bed. In these spots, I tend to keep piling stuff up or just throwing it there and then it stays there until I really feel like picking up. I attacked them today...






I even got the motivation to change my sheets...Winter is just about here!

I have some good news --- I'll be starting some more projects soon!

You see that "tie-blanket" at the end of my bed? Well each of us has one and I would like to make a new one. Mine has the same flower pattern on both sides, and Erin's has that flower pattern as well with tie-dye on the back. We got them made for us quite a while ago, and we got a new bedroom set last year after Christmas sometime.

Since the patterns and colors don't really match, Erin and I want to take a trip to a new fabric store that opened just about 15 minutes away from our house. Then maybe around Christmas time (or even before that) we can start to make them, and get them put together. I'll definitely post when they're finished!

Another thing is, that I'm hoping to start a few more towels to embrioder to send out and give to family & friends this holiday season! So I'm also hoping to search for some new patterns for that. Erin is looking for some more yarn to finish a couple scarves.

Sorry for the long and kind of boring post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday is Here!

The three of us older ones are off to school in just a few minutes! It's our last day before we have our 5 day break from school! (Wed.-Sun.)
Can't wait for the break from school, and to see family over this great holiday! We are truly thankful!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

7 billion

Just about 3 weeks ago, the seventh billion person was born. This little blessing was born in the Philippines! It's a girl, and they even had a mini celebration!

So cute!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


credit to google images for the pictures - I do not own them.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow of the Season

Just in time for Thanksgiving! We'll have a white Thanksgiving and a white Christmas! :)


Blog Button

We have a blog button!

5 white daisies for the kiddos on earth
1 pink daisy for our baby girl in heaven

As soon as I figure out the textbox below it, and how people can share it on their blogs I'll let you know. As for now this is how you can share it.

1. Save our blog button above, by right clicking and clicking "Save Picture As..."
2. Copy our URL: http://nothingsimpossible-fishers.blogspot.com/
3. Next, go to your blogger acount first click on "Design", and then click on "Add a Gadget".
4. Scroll down to where it says "Picture" and click the little white + sign next to it.
5. At the top you can add a title or a caption if you want. (That will appear above or below the picture)
6. Then finally copy our URL from our blog into the "link" box.
7. Add our blog button picture, that you saved earlier. (It should be in your documents or pictures)
8. Once everything is loaded, and how you would like it click SAVE.
9. The last step, would be for you to move it to the right place on your sidebar. Just move your mouse over it, and 4 arrows should appear. Then you can drag it up or down to where you would like it placed.

Thank you, and good luck!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Can't imagine my life without these six special people in it!!!

Grateful for each one of them :D

They give to me so much...






an occassional headache : /




Faith in the One who makes up for my shortcomings

I am blessed!!!

love you all

~Momma / Becky

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our New House: 6 Rooms 1 To Go

We are down to four more rooms in our house! I'm showing you three more rooms in this post, and then we'll be down to our last one. We are adjusting well to our house, and it's been a great 3 1/2 months so far. Enjoy the pictures!
Our dining room table 
We call this our "breakfast table", and we somtimes will use it as a buffet table.
A complete view of our dining room!
This is the boys' room. Can you tell? :) Lots of trucks, legos, and other boy stuff.
This is to the right, when you walk into the door. Their closet is so big! They have one of their dressers inside.
We have to be creative in their room for space. They have a lot of odds and ends and one is hanging their stuffed animals from the door.
The master-bedroom! I finally got a simple picture for you. 
A cute little nook my mom has on her side of the bed. My dad's great-grandfather made this chair! It is such a great memory of him. 

You might be wondering what the final and last room is that we still have to show you. That would be 'T's room! I have taken a few pictures, but the lighting can sometimes be really bad. Anyway we still have a few things to add to her room, and we hope to paint it too.

What projects are you working on?


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is our mom's birthday!! We celebrated her, and hopefully made her feel extra special today! She's an amazing, caring, loving, teaching, and faithful woman of God. She's an inspiration to all of us, and we all love her to the moon and back! :)
(My grandma posted this on facebook this morning) Wasn't she cute?!

She's a momma to us all, and we love her so much! Thanks for all you do mom!

~Michlyn and your crew