Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Michlyn's been asking me for a long time to post on the blog again :)

 I truly enjoy posting but time gets away from me & words seem few...

Well, the words that swim around in my head aren't few but when it comes down to putting them on paper journaling those words on the blog, I often draw a blank.

But I did not want to miss the opportunity to brag on my wonderful kiddos...

Last Friday after a few hard days and few not so bad days, my big girls gave me the opportunity to get out with a girlfriend for a couple hours.

We were just running errands but the reprieve from daily demands and the friendly conversation was priceless!

What I came home to was the icing on the cake...

Kids had had lunch

Kitchen counters were cleared & wiped off

Dishwasher was loaded and running

Both upstairs & downstairs were picked up and vacuumed

Beds were made

E. put some finishing touches on the girls room

Michlyn picked up the boys room

and all 5 kiddo's were in good spirits!

While I was out & about I picked up a few little things;

Fake nails & black polish for Michlyn

2 Teen magazines (starring J.B. of course) for E.

[an on sale] Starwars Jedi costume for J.

*I tease that the purchases were well worth the "sweetness" that I came home to... Truth is, I would have paid much more!

We were all "ready" for the evening activities - A youth group bonfire and games for the big girls, a costume party with a friend for the boys, Dad was working late so a quiet night home for T. and I :) Awww

 Wow, I really do have GREAT kids... I am blessed!


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The dB family said...

What a special surprise!! You have children that are beautiful inside and out!