Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our New House: 6 Rooms 1 To Go

We are down to four more rooms in our house! I'm showing you three more rooms in this post, and then we'll be down to our last one. We are adjusting well to our house, and it's been a great 3 1/2 months so far. Enjoy the pictures!
Our dining room table 
We call this our "breakfast table", and we somtimes will use it as a buffet table.
A complete view of our dining room!
This is the boys' room. Can you tell? :) Lots of trucks, legos, and other boy stuff.
This is to the right, when you walk into the door. Their closet is so big! They have one of their dressers inside.
We have to be creative in their room for space. They have a lot of odds and ends and one is hanging their stuffed animals from the door.
The master-bedroom! I finally got a simple picture for you. 
A cute little nook my mom has on her side of the bed. My dad's great-grandfather made this chair! It is such a great memory of him. 

You might be wondering what the final and last room is that we still have to show you. That would be 'T's room! I have taken a few pictures, but the lighting can sometimes be really bad. Anyway we still have a few things to add to her room, and we hope to paint it too.

What projects are you working on?



The dB family said...

Things are looking very much like home now! Thank you for the tour!


Michlyn said...

Yes it is! You are welcome! I just like to post them somewhere other than facebook for now, so we can look back and see the house and all the pictures in the future.