Wednesday, November 9, 2011

15 years...

15 years ago...

 On November 7th

At 4:11am
 a beautiful baby girl arrived into the world


blue eyes

fuzzzy brown hair

more precious than words

It was love at first sight


And I became a Momma!!!

Michlyn 1 year old
So much changes in 15 years

Michlyn became a big sister x5 ... and is wonderful at it!

She went from 21" baby girl

to a 5'4" beautiful young woman

Inside & out

Michlyn Kate

is not only beautiful but



Lover of Jesus

a friend to all


And then somethings never change...

Just like the day she was born

she's strong-willed & stubborn
[not sure where she gets that from???;)]

a bringer of Joy!

And I will never stop loving being her Momma xo

Happy 15th Birthday Sweetheart!!!!

May you continue to seek God's plans for your unique & beautiful life!

; ) Lucky Duck,
Love ~Your Momma


The dB family said...

Becky, you look like a teenager yet in that photo!! A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Love and prayers!

Becky said...

Ha! I would bet if I saw a picture of you & Bub when he made his appearance into the world, you would look just as young :) Time sure finds a way of flying by... Here's to many more joyful years of mothering to the both of us.

In Him,