Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day

Usually, at this time of year we have 1-2 feet of snow. We usually would of started getting snow in December, but this year was different. There must of been some kind of "heat wave" or God just decided to give us a lack of snow.......until now.

This morning, Erin and I both unfortunately got up and showered before we were told...NO SCHOOL. We were having rumors of 6-24 inches of snow, and because that was pretty hard to believe...I took a look outside this morning.

Wow, there was definitely snow! So we're going to enjoy this snow day at home, and pray that we can get some cleaning done and still get a long with each other. :)

Stay warm,

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I can't think of anything more handsome :)

He's NOT a morning guy...

He wakes, sleepy eyed




But this morning he quietly sat down with a cup of coffee

and opened the small bible sitting on the end table.

It warms my heart to watch my guy in the truth!

He's  passionate



A man who longs to please his Father in heaven.

Truth is, I am blessed to call him mine.

Another good start to our day!

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior and my hope is in you all day long."
Psalm 25:5

Friday, February 24, 2012

rise and shine

S. is a morning person!

He wakes early...

 With his endearing sleepy smile.

A smile this momma can't resist.

He usually wants a little something to eat, to tied him over til breakfast.

Ready to snuggle, if I ask.

Or play quietly until the rest of his world is up and at it :)


Just this morning, I caught him & his morning "lego" friends playing & having a little
graham cracker snack together... staying quietlly occupied until the sun came up.

And it made me smile...

His happy morning self brings such joy to the world around him :)

It was a good start to our day!

Rise 'N Shine World!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Motions

Sometimes we don't want to go through the hard stuff.

The decisions.
The heartbreak.
The mess.


This song tells us that God will be there with us. He wants us to do our best, and wants us to know that He will guide us through the motions. No matter how crazy they are.


Monday, February 20, 2012

I won't give up...

This sweet song speaks volumes to the "place" we find ourselves in.

Though the video is somewhat of a romantic love story,
it's a love story - that fits the kind of LOVE I hold  for my Ethiopian born daughter.

Our 5 year old little girl, has an old soul & has experienced so much life.

Her eyes tell a "haunting" story of loss & hurt.

But our love is here to stay - no matter what the journey holds!

We won't give up on "us"...

Love you T!

Forever & ever!

*Thank you to Kelly for turning us on to this beautiful song - Definitely, a forever family theme song  :D *

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two People Fell in Love

One beautiful bride

Married one handsome man

They both said 'I do'

They had the rings

And after 6 years of dating...

They were married!

It's been 18 years today... That my parents were married. Including dating and being engaged, they've been together 25 years! WOW! 

God couldn't of put peanut butter & jelly together better than the way He put my parents together!

I can see their love every single day. 

18 years, 4 dogs, 1 apartment, 2 houses, and 6 kids later...

Their family grew...

and grew

and grew

and grew

and grew

and grew...

To this day they're still deeply in love...

They've been through everything together

Getting used to marriage
The birth of 5 children
Welcoming their baby girl to heaven
Bringing their little girl home from Ethiopia
Moved to a new house
Laid off from jobs
Switching jobs
Having family dogs
And the list goes on...

They are stronger, God has stretched them, guided them, heard their prayers, and they've stuck with each other through it all!

Happy 18 years Mom & Dad! 

We love you!
Your 6 kiddos

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

under the weather

Our sweet J. was feeling under the weather this morning.

When I woke him, he complained of a tummy & head-ache :(

No fever but we decided he should stay home for some extra rest today.

And rest he has...

Not only did he stay in bed longer this morning,

after a piece of toast for breakfast, he laid-low snuggled on the couch
to rest and take in some cartoons.

And when we returned from bringing S. to Kindergarten,
he climbed back into bed for some more rest!

Praying he feels better soon!

Love you Sweet boy
Love, Mom

catching some Zzzz's

We've starting implementing a new (to us) strategy for our night's...

 We're working toward better sleep - especially  for T,
 which in turn means better sleep for mom & dad too (right?)  :)

I'm going to be vague with specifics but I will say, we're using tools to instill safety & care.

As I've mentioned before,

T. is a "survivor" and has a long way to go in wholeheartedly trusting "others" to take care of her.

We continue to pray she'll come to know, she is a beloved daughter of the King!

He had a plan (He still does) for her when He placed her in this family.

Nothing's a surprise to Him.

And He doesn't make mistakes.

I pray she will begin to trust enough to be a "little" girl...

To feel taking care of & even a little carefree.


We have been using the "strategy" for a few days now, and already we are starting to see & feel a difference.

Praise the Lord!

:D We're still far from the rest of Sleeping Beauty...

But I can say,

We are definitely catching a few more (peaceful) Zzzzz's!

For that we thank God!

He has given us friendly encouragers along our journey

And the confidence to parent our precious daughter with her unique needs in mind!

Sleep by Sleep,
 we continue to hold fast to Him and His unfailing love for each of us!

Sweet Dreams,

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

Friday, February 10, 2012

Color Me HAPPY!

In this Winter season where the outside world can seem so drab & dreary,

it's hard not to also feel & be kind of stale and blah-zay.

Don't get me wrong;

I'm not complaining about this Winter's mildness.

I mentioned before, we have had very little snow, many days of unseasonably warm temperatures and hardly any slick & trecherous roads to speak of.

None the less, we've had some days too cold to really enjoy and the scenery is certainly grey & desolate.

[desolate:  a state of bleak and dismal emptiness./ deserted; uninhabited; hence, gloomy /
Dreary; dismal.]

Even my hair was showing the effects of the gloomy season

I had a few too many of those grey glistening strands for my liking. 
:D  (a four letter word - I don't like mentioning) lol!

But a little color goes a long way!

 And I received two splashes of color in one day....

Not only did I get a little color to brighten things up on the top of my head

but I received a beautiful red sweatshirt in the mail!

The sweatshirts comfy, cozy, has words to remind us God has a wonderful purpose for all our lives and it's a nice bright color! :0)

And I couldn't help but be HAPPY!

 A nice little pick me up, just in the nick of time!

Have a colorful day!
I am blessed,

"There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven:"
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tidal wave

We are in a "tidal wave" zone :(

Our little girl's GRIEF is overwhelming!

She is not able to give words to her "anger"
but her pain is apparent and so heartbreaking!


We have not shared our daughter's story in completion, because it's just that, hers.

But she has experienced more loss & pain than most adults can even fathom.

Until now, she's maneuvered through such heart wrenching loss & hurt on her own.

She's a fighter.



T. has very high & strong walls built up.

She resists excepting any help; pushes away all offered comfort, sympathy, compassion & love!


As a momma who wants desperately to soothe her hurts, my heart breaks from my inability to
love her pain away.

I can't make it better!

 But I trust in the Great Physician ... He can give healing and I pray for this miracle for our daughter's precious heart & life often.

I have to admit though, when T's emotions swell up like a tidal wave and her "anger" seems beyond BIG, it's hard not to get knocked over & succumbed by it all.

I find myself responding to the anger & hurtfulness and not the GRIEF I know to be flooding our broken little girl.

 I so desire to be used to be an example of God's unfailing love & care for each of our children. I pray for eyes to see what really is and not the emotional mask hiding the fears.

So today, as we doggie-paddle through the storm, I'm reaching for the one who walks on water & holds our day & lives in the palm of His hand.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me."
John 14:1

In prayer,

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Homework Life of a Teenager

This is mostly what I've been up to lately. My mom's been doing a fabulous job posting hasn't she? I think so. But if you'll excuse, I must get back to that wonderful homework...not.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

music to my ears.


brings me Joy.

speaks to me.

gives voice to my heart.

and is the much needed pick me up on a dreary Minnesota day!

Thankful for the gift of music,


We are in the midst of some very painful anniversaries for our little T.

As expected, there have been set backs

T. is struggling with staying in the present and not slipping back to her difficult days of Ethiopia.

Those past "difficulties" have crept into our everyday lives :(

We are working to NOT let the pain define her...

But to remember what & who she loves in Ethiopia.

 That each of us could use our hurts to grow.

be better.


For T to become the beautiful strong little girl God created her to be!

And trust in our God's sovereign & faithful purpose in our lives!

"The LORD will fulfill his purpose, for me; your love O LORD, endures forever"
Psalm 138:8

What I did NOT expect...

Is my response in this time of grief :(

There's an inward sadness.

I'm tired.

less patient.

stuck in a rutt.

It's so frustrating... to want to see things through His eyes only to be bogged down by my weaknesses.


But I am trusting in the truth of His words.

Resting in His faithful love & perfect timing!

One foot in front of the other,

This is what the LORD says:
"Stand at the crossroads and look... ask where the good way is and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16