Friday, February 3, 2012

The Homework Life of a Teenager

This is mostly what I've been up to lately. My mom's been doing a fabulous job posting hasn't she? I think so. But if you'll excuse, I must get back to that wonderful homework...not.

Happy Friday!


The dB family said...

Do you have a heavier semester than normal? Bub has math, science, history, and religion. It's going to be a busy semester for him!


Michlyn said...

No this semester will actually be about te same. I have gym instead of my elective this semester. Other wise my schedule is about the same.

I remember having religion. I miss it. I went to a very small private school for 7 years. We also has chapel every Wednesday morning. Now we don't, except for the occasional mention of something biblical in one of our classes occasionally.