Monday, February 20, 2012

I won't give up...

This sweet song speaks volumes to the "place" we find ourselves in.

Though the video is somewhat of a romantic love story,
it's a love story - that fits the kind of LOVE I hold  for my Ethiopian born daughter.

Our 5 year old little girl, has an old soul & has experienced so much life.

Her eyes tell a "haunting" story of loss & hurt.

But our love is here to stay - no matter what the journey holds!

We won't give up on "us"...

Love you T!

Forever & ever!

*Thank you to Kelly for turning us on to this beautiful song - Definitely, a forever family theme song  :D *

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The dB family said...

That is fantastic!!! What a perfect FF theme song. I'm thankful that a lot of the Christian artists are writing and producing songs that talk about the orphans and adoption. Imagine if everyone was made aware and heard the call....