Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two People Fell in Love

One beautiful bride

Married one handsome man

They both said 'I do'

They had the rings

And after 6 years of dating...

They were married!

It's been 18 years today... That my parents were married. Including dating and being engaged, they've been together 25 years! WOW! 

God couldn't of put peanut butter & jelly together better than the way He put my parents together!

I can see their love every single day. 

18 years, 4 dogs, 1 apartment, 2 houses, and 6 kids later...

Their family grew...

and grew

and grew

and grew

and grew

and grew...

To this day they're still deeply in love...

They've been through everything together

Getting used to marriage
The birth of 5 children
Welcoming their baby girl to heaven
Bringing their little girl home from Ethiopia
Moved to a new house
Laid off from jobs
Switching jobs
Having family dogs
And the list goes on...

They are stronger, God has stretched them, guided them, heard their prayers, and they've stuck with each other through it all!

Happy 18 years Mom & Dad! 

We love you!
Your 6 kiddos

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The dB family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! God has blessed you richly!