Friday, February 24, 2012

rise and shine

S. is a morning person!

He wakes early...

 With his endearing sleepy smile.

A smile this momma can't resist.

He usually wants a little something to eat, to tied him over til breakfast.

Ready to snuggle, if I ask.

Or play quietly until the rest of his world is up and at it :)


Just this morning, I caught him & his morning "lego" friends playing & having a little
graham cracker snack together... staying quietlly occupied until the sun came up.

And it made me smile...

His happy morning self brings such joy to the world around him :)

It was a good start to our day!

Rise 'N Shine World!


Michlyn said...

Aww I love him! We're laying here, at 6:00 waiting a little while longer to get up.

On the road at 7:15... RISE N' SHINE!

Love you - Miss you!

The dB family said...

So you do have some early risers too. We have four of them! The sleeper-iners are the two teenagers and one nine year old slug ;o).

I like to have my devotions and morning coffee before they rise, but I like my sleep too much so it doesn't happen often. Usually there is chatter coming from somewhere while I read and sip.