Our Adoption Story

We were a happy family... A dad, a mom, 4 kids, a baby girl in heaven, life was pretty good...

We prayed for other families who would bring their little ones home from other countries. We would see the transformation a family could make...little by little we were being changed.

In 2007, I (Becky) felt a tug on my heart. A feeling that we were missing something. Something... Someone - Significant! 

I prayed for a long time - Almost a year, and felt God prompting me to consider growing our family through adoption. 

I later told D.J. (after nearly a year) and I felt more and more confident God wanted to use us in this unique way. *I once foolishly believed adoption was saved for those who couldn't have children - God was moving me to know otherwise.*

D.J. on the other hand, didn't doubt for a minute we could whole-heartly love another child. He however, didn't know how we would afford it, where another child would sleep in our small house, feared what others would say or think, and how on earth we could be the ones God was calling for this.

We started praying together, and talking about it more and believed that...

Nothing is Impossible with God!

In October of 2008 we started the "paper chase" and began filling out form, after form, after form.

Some days it got so overwhelming I just wanted to stop. I never did, but the occasional break of course.

There were formal applications, fees, home and social worker visits, fees, doctor appointments, finger printing, and more fees.

We made it through! God provided for our needs, and we completed 2 fundraisers, got 1 grant, and saw many generous donations from family, friends, and even strangers.

We were in awe of His grace and provisions every single day throughout each step.

After a busy 2 years with 4 kids, 1 hardworking husband, and finishing paperwork... We completed everything!

We were adopting from the beautiful country of Ethiopia, Africa and were open to 1 or 2 children ages 0-6.

In October of 2010, we were officially waiting for a referral after our dossier was approved by the Ethiopian government.

The wait at that time for a referral of our age rage, was about 12-18 months. We were expecting about 1 year. 

But in God's perfect timing, he amazed us with a referral within 6 months!

Nothing is Impossible with God!

We were ecstatic to say the least.

I got the call from our social worker in the middle of the day - I had to wait a while to reach her, and finally heard the news. We had an email with information and a picture of a little girl.

I called D.J. at work so he could get onto his work computer and we could see her picture at the same time.

She was beautiful!

The email said she was about 3 years old, and her past was heartbreaking.

Our oldest daughter ('M') was homeschooled at the time, and we both read through the email and instantly started printing off pictures of her. 

D.J. fell in love, the instant he saw her face. I think his exact words when he saw the picture were "Aww... There she is!"

Everyone was busy, and so excited! Then as I headed out the door to get the other kiddos from school, I had the picture in hand to show them as soon as I got there. 

We were all so excited, and we started showing family and friends. You can go read this post, and you'll probably be able to tell how excited we were!

Well, thanks to God's perfect timing we were able to get our little girl home in 3 months! WOW!

May: We found out we were only going to travel once!
June: We passed court... the first time!
July: We were assigned a travel date...that changed, and then we got a new one... We were on our way!

Nothing is Impossible with God!

We met her for the first time...

I remember being so nervous, that I got very little sleep. Meeting her was surreal; it was overwhelming and wonderful at the same time.

We finally looked into the eyes we had only gazed at through pictures. We held her, kissed her, gave her little sunglasses and a sparkly pink ball, passed out bubbles to all the kids, and played outside. Unforgettable.

We stayed in a great guest house (MCGH), with a great hostess, and met people we now call some of our best friends!

The 3 other BCS families we met

After the hard, amazing, and long 9 days of being in our daughter's birth country - We were more than ready to go home. We missed our other 4 kiddos, and couldn't wait see them and introduce them to their new little sister.

So after...
 The long and tiring 24 + hour flight...

Meeting her namesake Josi...

and a few other stops on the way...

You can go read this post, to see a few more pictures.

Life as a family of 7, from day 1 was different & hectic. From the jet lag that we had and the anxiousness, grief & fear that our little girl had, to fitting in the summer activities and finding a new normal.

We found out that our little girl was actually 4, not 3. Her past was heartbreaking, and something that no child should have to experience. 

First day home! July 2010

10 months home! May 2011

20 months home! March 2012

30 months home! January 2013

40 months home! November 2013

50 months home! September 2014

Tarekech Josi Hope is ours forever, and we can't imagine our lives without her in it. God has strengthened us, and we have cried out to Him many times. Through it all we saw his love and guidance, and we know...

Nothing is Impossible with God!

Written by: Michlyn  Edited by: Becky

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Kennedy said...

Oh my. This is so sweet. It makes me want to adopt so badly. She is so cute.