Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update on "Jonathan"

A couple months ago, we came to you with an urgent request. A boy from Eastern Europe was about to age out of his orphanage, that he had spent most of his life in. He would leave the orphanage with a few of his belongings, and little bit of money to fend for him self. Well, we shared it on here, so you could share it on your blogs and hopefully the forever family for this young man would be found.

The name that everyone on the internet knew him as was "Jonathan"

Through the support, prayers, and our one Amazing God... "Jonathan" found a forever family!

Now, a couple months later... He is home with his 7 other siblings, and parents. They followed God's call to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus! They brought him home, and it has been such a joy to see this boy thrive. He is smart and very talented. 

Because the kingdom of God came together for a son of the king... "Jonathan" has a home and a family. *scratch that* Our God found him a home and a family, where he will have everything he needs and more.

His name is Andrew, and if you want to read posts about his journey and continue to read about his family... Go to their family blog at To Love Another.

He has grown a lot, and has been welcomed home by so many people. Please pray for Andrew, his parents, and his siblings. He left everything he knew and is still transitioning into the American life. He also still speaks his native language fluently, so sometimes it is hard for him to communicate with his family.

How good is our God?! Truly remarkable...


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