Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Technology, Spring, & School

Well hello there's been quite a while!

I don't remember the last time it's taken me this long to blog. So I'm here to give you a little update.

In the last 2 months our computer has crashed 3 times, and our internet has also gone out for a few days.

Our technology life wasn't really helping with the blogging anyway. :)

Spring really is coming believe it or not. Snow is almost melted, temperatures are in the 50's, and we're even seeing the sun a little longer than normal.

We are in the last 2 months of school. Crazy how time flies when you're having fun. Yes, school is usually fun for the 4 of us. :)

Michlyn - Finishing up her sophomore year in high school. Has made some great memories, including driving the other 3 siblings to school almost everyday. She's enjoyed volleyball, watching the guy's basketball games, getting to TA (teacher's assistant) for the kingergarten teacher, and work extra hard to keep her grades up this year.

Erin - Finishing up her first year of high school has a freshman. She's probably the most social out of all of the kids. Has enjoyed soccer all year round for the first time, cheering on our school's basketball and baseball teams, often hanging out with her friends, and thinks math is easy.


Jace - Finishing up his year as a 4th grader. He has worked soo hard this year on big projects, presentations, his reading, and excelling in math. Mom got to come help at a Valentine's party that his grade was throwing for elderly people and he had a blast at that. He's definitely athletic and enjoyed the basketball and soon baseball clinics that the high school boys help with.

Scout - Finishing up his year as a 1st grader. Our comedian as always has made us laugh so hard we're crying. He's very active at school and likes to tell us things about his day. His brother is his biggest fan, and will often wave to his big sisters when they are eating lunch at school. He's done pretty good at learning new things in math, and is reading! Although sometimes we wonder if he's just memorizing the books instead of reading. :)

Tareh - She continues to stay at home with mom as her referree, teacher, and of course mother. A couple times throughout the school year my parents have thought about putting her in school, but know that it is best to work on attachment and bonding at home. She does her fair share of stories (aka fibs) that would probably not help anyone in the long run. So she will continue to be at home.

Thanks for reading! One of us will blog sooner rather than later.


The dB family said...

You are braver than Nathanael. He FINALLY started driving this past Saturday even though he's had his G1 for several months now.

Glad to read you are all doing well!


Michlyn said...

I got my permit in December 2011...and didn't start driving until about February 2012, so I was scared too! :)