Sunday, December 8, 2013

Memories through Pictures

Hi everyone! Where do I even begin? My oh my it's been a long time since I've posted. I was looking back at some of our last posts and I think it's time to look back on all that has happened in the last couple months!

Our family isn't always busy but when there are 7 people in the family, it can be pretty hectic with all the different schedules that need to be maintained. School has been going very well for the 4 that attend a charter school and 'T' continues to grow and learn at home. Sports have been put on hold currently, until next month when Erin will start her season of indoor soccer. Christmas is coming up fast, and thankfully all the holiday shopping has been done. We also got plenty of snow that now covers the it will definitely be a white Christmas. :)

I thought I would go back and highlight on some of the key memories that took place this Fall. :)

Michlyn finished her volleyball season in late October. It was her first year of being a captain on the varsity team and she will hold that role next year as well. She finished her season named "Defensive Player of the Year" and received all-conference honorable mention. She also was the person to have the highest amount of "digs" (volleyball term) and that 84!! Her best friend 'B' (pictured above) went to a new school this year and that has been a hard transition but they see each other as much as possible. She also celebrated her 17th birthday this year! To celebrate - Her, mom, and Erin all went out for pedicures, shopping, and dinner. :)

Erin finished her soccer season in September and it was very successful for her! She made the most goals out of anyone on the team and that was 7! She was also named the team's "MVP" and received all-conference honorable mention. She loves soccer and continues to play it all year round except for the occasional 1-2 month break in between seasons. She excels in school and is especially good at math. Her best friend 'N' (bottom left picture) and her do everything together and they are so funny when they're together. She took her permit test a few months ago with 'N' and they both passed so they can both legally drive with a parent. Stay off the roads around here... :)

'J' is our shy and quiet one. He likes to observe things and watch from the side until he's comfortable and then he'll hop right in. He played soccer this summer and is so good at it. To think he's only been playing a few years blows my mind because he's got such great control and coordination. School has been a little tougher this year but he's been working hard and with mom's awesome studying help, he's been passing with flying colors. 'J' just turned 11 years old! He got a sweatshirt, sports bag, and new game that he really wanted. It was so fun to see his reaction when he opened them. :)

As I've mentioned before 'S' is our little comedian! He makes us laugh everyday and comes up with his own cute little jokes. He recently turned 8 years old! Wow that's crazy...I was only 9 when he was born so this birthday really made me feel "old". :) He had cupcakes and crazy ole' dad decided it would be fun to add a sparkler to his candles. He was born on Thanksgiving and we called him "our little turkey" so when he made a turkey hat at school, we had to get a picture of him wearing it. :) 

'T' continues to be homeschooled. She also goes to a co-op that my mom helps out with and twice a month attends a class called "LEAF Club" (Learning, Education, & Fun). Mom especially loves those days because it's a much needed break and quiet time for her. We were also able to attend our cousin/niece's wedding in October as a whole family! It was a great wedding and we were blessed to be there on the special day. 'T' continues to keep us on our toes but our life would not be the same without her. :)

Hope everyone stays safe during these busy holiday weeks and that you can find time to remember all that God has blessed you with! Remember the reason for the season :)


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