Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas break...

Yesterday, was the first day off from our "normal" routine!

The beginning of "Christmas Break"

I look forward to the time together and the reprieve from the usual daily routine...

That being said, I so thrive in "routine" and believe my children (and many others) also do better with knowing the plan & expectation :)

But today, most of my kiddo's enjoyed a laid back day of just being together!

A break ... from the get up and GO schedule!

 NOT watching the clock all day long for the next trip out was a welcome relief.


But I said "most" of my kiddo's :(

Just as it's been since the beginning of the holiday season - in November with the celebration of multiple family birthdays and Thanksgiving ...

T. is struggling!

She struggles with even the slightest change in "normal" routine

And unfortunately, the first day of her siblings home for Christmas break, did NOT prove to be easy on her.

It puts her into a "funk"

Uncertain what the "break" in routine means for her...

She finds her [intentionally] predictable world become a bit too big to manage :(

We are working tirelessly to help her depend not in what she is capable of managing but to trust in the mom, dad and forever family God has given to love,care for and guide her.

With T's background of loss & trauma, this process is a very painful & difficult one.

She is guarded.

Trust does NOT come easy, and why should it?

What her past has taught her is; bad things do happen & loved one go away.


The "normal" structure of our family is forever different and constantly changing

As we look at our way of life with a NEW perspective and make choices with the past of our youngest and for the best of our WHOLE family in mind.

This is HARD!

But we feel God leading and equipping, moment by moment.

It's not what we imagined things would be like.

I definitely miss the peaceful & carefree days that Christmas [break] use to be

But believe it's okay to miss what once was but NOT dwell there.


The Holiday season & celebrations may feel more stressful this year and maybe always will,

but no amount of anxiety, hurt or chaos can ever change the reason we celebrate Christmas!

Each and every day, moment by moment

we will continue to put our trust in the One who was born that first Christmas morn

who came to die for us,

and give us LIFE!


And it's our heart's desire to live a life that gives glory to God

It isn't picture perfect,

But God led us into the hard & messy places of life

And it's exactly where we want to be,

trusting & more dependent in Him alone!


God Bless,

"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ  the Lord." Luke 2: 10-11

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The dB family said...

Becky, I couldn't have said it better myself!! It was definitely a different Christmas here. Those carefree days are gone and sometimes I miss them VERY much -- like this morning. Listening to screaming and arguing before 7 am makes me grit my teeth in frustration. It is comforting to know that we're not alone in this. That God has His powerful hand in this and that we have other families who are going through a very similar time who share their heart!

Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging me in the process!