Tuesday, March 27, 2012

field trip, fiesta, & parties, oh my!

Fortunately & unfortunately,
our weekend  was very busy.

I had the priviledge of chaperoning a field trip to the Como Park Conservatory
with J's class on Friday.

It was great to spend the day with J. and see the conservatory through the eyes of many third graders.

We were on a mission to find 4 different types of plant & animal life.

When they did, they recorded their findings through drawn pictures :)

Their creativity is fasinating!  


The weekend also included
a Fiesta Mexicana event with our High School Spanish Students.

M. participated in a musical number with fellow classmates.
She did great and they all made us smile :D

The evening was filled with food & lots of laughter!


The big girls and I attended an Initials party at Gramma Carol's during the weekend too!

We spent time together with other "girls" eating, laughing, and catalog shopping.


On top of all that, DJ and I also made time to attend a 70th birthday party for a dear friend.
The time was filled with sharing the many ways Kathy has & continues to impact our lives.

We laughed a lot and pray Kathy felt as special as she makes others feel so often!

I felt fortunate to take part in many fun events over the course of the weekend.

Unfortunately, my being away for the snippets of time causes much anxiety at home :(

T. especially is struggling this Monday morning.

I anticipate it to take some time before she is feeling safe again.

In the mean time, we'll take our days moment by moment...


The dB family said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Despite knowing there will be repercussions, sometimes you just need to take that time away.


Michlyn said...

It was a great weekend! Very busy, but yes I do agree. We are getting back into the routine of things. :)

Last day of the week for school is tomorrow - Looking forward to a 3 day weekend.


P.S. It was actually more fun than I thought to be a strawberry. :-D