Saturday, March 10, 2012


Be "inconsistent"...

was Wednesday's goal.


We're stuck in a rutt!

Our routine had become too predictable!
Huh? How could this be? Too much routine?

Your talking to me, and I thrive with order & knowing what to expect.
I believe many people do, especially [my] children.

It provides structure & a feeling of safety and security.

This is especially important for T. who is in the very beginning stages of grasping the concept of provided safety and care.

So we did NOT go totally away from routine but added some "zest" to it

To assist in getting us out of our RUTT.

To keep us from knowing what to expect and sabotaging it.

[zest·ed, zest·ing, zests: To give zest, charm, or spirit to.]

It would give me the chance to be the "fun" momma I once was,
and still maintain an atmosphere of safety. :D



I readied myself to "throw things off" a bit. lol!

I still had the usual breakfast at the table when T. woke
but I was wearing rolled up pants, flip flops and had a flower in my hair

We listened to loud 80's music
which I can't help but dance & sing-a-long to... =)

We headed outdoors shortly after breakfast instead of waiting until the afternoon.

I filled the kitchen with the aroma of fresh popped popcorn, that we enjoyed for snack.

Took a different route to school & back, driving by friends house - and excitedly honked
and waved while doing so!


I wish I could report the day went exactly according to plan.

I can say, I had FUN being a little more spontaneous than usual...

popping popcorn in the morning time.

taking in Spring like fresh air before doing much else.

wearing a flower in my hair & my favorite; flip flops :)


Unfortunately however, T. was not enjoying one bit of mom's "fun" side.

She became agitated.

Her aggravation led to a "fight" response.

And our day went down hill :(

Our goal to add a little "zest" to our day was thrown to the wind
and we were in survival...

Both of us!

Now doing everything it took to keep my [fighting] little girl & myself safe.

The day wasn't a complete loss...

All the kids enjoyed the popcorn snack awaiting them after school.

I listened to some good music I hadn't listened to in a long time.

S & I got in some dancing together :)

And though the result wasn't exactly what we hoped for,
T. WAS bumped out of her rutt!

I also think she now believes I am STRONG enough to take care of her
and all the big uglies she's holding on to.

For better or worse, we're now back to the more familiar routine again.

Thankful for the forward strides we made.

So much more thankful we don't walk this journey alone!

"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go... I will not leave you until
I have done what I have promised you."
Genesis 28:15

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Wow! That's really the only word I have. All, I can see it that I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.