Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring break successes :)

We are on day 5 of Spring Break!

And I'm happy to report,
we have had some successes!


Michlyn's home from her school trip to Chicago with Choir!
She had a great time!
Though she slept in this morning, when she did rise she was quick to download
 her trip pics and tell us about some of her Chicago adventures.

We are so happy to have her home, safe & sound =)
We miss her when she's gone!

We've enjoyed some mornings afernoons of just being.
Staying in pajama's well into the day.
E...Texting friends. :)

Hanging out together.
Snuggled up.
Playing games.
Watching a movie or two.
And of course, eating.

Hmmm? Rules are to keep food in the kitchen...
But I snuck downstairs to take these pics and caught 'em "red-handed"
J's hand in a snack bowl.
S's mouth full
And I'm pretty sure E's got a little something under cover too.

I think we've got ourselves a few volunteers for vacuuming :)

You can't tell from these pictures but the weather has also been PERFECT!

Tempertures in the 60's... and word has it we may hit 70's before the week's end.

Mounds of snow have given way to cleared sidewalks, just right for Spring walks & bike riding.

All in all, not a bad start to our Spring break!

Praise the Lord for Spring break successes!!!


Beka said...

Glad you guys are having a great spring break!! I love the picture of scout and michlyn !!

Michlyn said...

Really? I hate it! I have makeup all under my eyes... haha I was so tired after my trip! I didn't wake up until 10:45 :)

So glad we're on spring break!


The dB family said...

Sounds pretty similar to our spring break. It's nice to relax and not have to go anywhere.