Monday, September 26, 2011

Our New House: 3 More Rooms

Here are a few more rooms in our house. We've officially been here about 2 months! It's crazy how fast time goes by.

This is the upstairs living room! It's still in process as you can see. There is a footstool missing a rocking chair, and a lamp missing it's shade. lol I think the shade ripped, and the rocking chair we're having new fabric put on it.

This is the very dark upstairs bathroom. We really need to repaint both of our bathrooms.

This is the right side view of the downstairs living area. This is where the boys play most of the time, and so it's nice open space. I think we might eventually add some shelves or pictures.

Then this is the left side view. Our couch (that we had upstairs in the old house) and our TV. As you can see... the sign was taped on at that time. :)

I still have a few more rooms to post:
'T's room
The boys' room
My parents room (if they let me hehe)
And the downstairs bathroom if I can get a picture that won't blind you. Seriously... it's that orange!



Beka said...

don't repaint the upstairs bathroom i love it:)

Michlyn said...

haha no way! We are so repainting it! We're keeping 'T's room the same though!


Beka said...

haha good i love hers too!!

The dB family said...

So maybe I shouldn't paint my craft room orange then? Actually I have more of a yellow orange picked out for it. I quite like the chocolate bathroom too, but I am only seeing it in a photo, so I can imagine that it is very dark.

Hope you're having a good week!


Michlyn said...

I guess orange just isn't our favorite color. hehe I LOVE your dining room color, and I don't see us painting any time soon! :) Thank you!