Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A 'T' Update

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! I know that there were many of you, and I just wanted to recognize you all for it. Our days are going a little bit better, and we've passed a few bumps along the way.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my mom is homeschooling 'T' this year. She has been learning slowly but well. Half of her time she is working at "Table Time". She's used to it, and keeping that routine will help with some of our transitions. So it's a healthier choice, to help her do her best.

My mom has been asked to help teach a few days this year at a preschool near our house. So this week, she has helped out two days. With 'S' going to everyday afternoon Kindergarten she has to get someone to watch 'T'. The first day a friend of mine, and super good babysitter watched them until 'S' went to school. Then, today my friend's mom came and watched them for a few hours. Since we try to keep it pretty low key, and don't go to many places, very often 'T' has had a couple hard days.

That spunky girl (and I do mean spunky) you see up there, has had a hard time listening. Sometimes she might not listen to directions, and will want her own way. She doesn't always use her nice words, and I know that a few things we're still working on. Today, I can tell that she's pretty tired just from the different routine from the past two days. Since we've been going to school, 'T' has had more stress than before.

When most days throughout the summer, she would be used to us all home with her. The first day we left for school, she had a hard time not focusing, and since she was on the "worrying side" she had a lot of that spunk come out. Now she's been having "bad thinking" as she calls it, (bad dreams) and often is still thinking, "Will they still be there in the morning?" "What will happen next?" All of these things going through her little brain, can sometimes make me feel nervous.

Just thinking, that my little 5 year old sister is worrying about those things, is somtimes hard to process. I can't imagine what's she's thinking, and we would all appreciate any prayers, as we still smooth out a few wrinkles. Of course I'd rather not explain in full detail how these attitudes have been driving us a little nuts, because that just wouldn't be fair to 'T'. We will choose to keep most things private, because it's best for our  family. 

I'm sure I'll get on here again soon, but as you can tell I've been pretty busy with homework, school, homework, youth group, and everything else life has been throwing at us.

Wishing you all a great Wednesday night!



The dB family said...

Oh yes those transitions to different things can be hard. Lifting you sll up in prayer!


Michlyn said...

Thank you Deborah!