Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and two eyes made out of coal?

Despite fighting her first Winter cold, T headed out to play today.

With all the other kids back to school, she quickly occupied herself with a little snowman building.

I do have to say, she's persistent.

The snow is hardly sticky but with a bucket and lots of determination...

A snowman was made!

I handed over the sought after carrot nose,
T. found twigs from yesterday's disgarded Christmas tree for arms
And what else do you use for eyes...
Doggie Doo ... Yuck!

Hey, it's her snow creation - who am I to squelch such orginal thinking???

A+ for creativity!

Happy New Year,
Momma to some cool genius kids ;)


Beka said...

She did a great job making it! Haha I love the eyes:)


Michlyn said...

Haha yeah she did! My mom said she posted, so I looked and I was so disgusted when I read about the "eye part". Oh well :)


The dB family said...

Great job, T!! I sure hope the doo doo was frozen!


Michlyn said...

Oh yes it definitely was! At least she's creative... even though I just about gagged when I read it! :)

It's one of her jobs (to pick it up outside) when she's NOT the most sweet girl in the world.