Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Wish...


I wish teachers wouldn't give out so much homework

I wish my mom didn't get hurt while she tries to be the best momma she can be

I wish I had the stylish clothes and shoes ever

I wish my siblings weren't so mean or disrespectful

I wish I could please the Lord in a better way and more often

I wish my attitude was always good

I wish that making hard decisions wasn't so...well...hard

I wish the truth in some situations wasn't so hard to say

I wish that the house was always clean

I wish my makeup, hair, and face was always spotless and perfect

I wish that I didn't get so jealous over ridiculous things

I wish my dad had a better boss and a higher paycheck

I wish that money didn't get in the way of so much stuff

I wish that hearts could never be broken

I wish that there were so orphans in this world

I wish friends wouldn't lie and make things so complicated

I wish driving was a piece of cake and could be done with no possible accidents

I wish politicians could make decisions that help everyone

I wish athletes didn't have to get hurt and ruin their dreams

I wish that no one got sick and would stay healthy

I wish that I could take amazing pictures

I wish... I wish... I wish...


I know... That our God performs miracles and that some of the things above could eventually be fixed.

Nothing is impossible with God!



The dB family said...

That is a very good wish list and I agree, some of those wishes could very well come true, thanks to our Loving God!


Michlyn said...

Yes... I really hope so.

One person at a time... We can change the world!