Saturday, August 27, 2011

Picture Post - Saturday Night

Tonight we just hung out in our small backyard. I'm so thankful that it's fenced in though! One of the many blessings that this house has given us. :) So since it's kind of late, and I don't have a lot of energy right now. (note: I'm lasting on 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, from a fun night at our church.) Anyway here are some pics...

I don't know what exactly happened, but I'm sure it had to do with "capturing" and in the end laughing really hard.

The sunset was beautiful!! And if you were wondering about the pajamas... Well it's close to bedtime, so hopefully they aren't too dirty. 


P.S. This is our last Summer Saturday night. Tomorrow marks our last day of summer 2011! We're going to make it last. Wish us luck!


Beka said...

no i don't want you guys to go back to school yet!!

Michlyn said...

Too late! We're back, and it was a great day! Stupid locker

I'll text you soon!