Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fling 2011

I'm quickly going to post about the weekend getaway that Erin and I got to enjoy with our youth group! We headed to Fall Fling this past weekend with our youth group at Camp Shamineau! A Christian camp for families, youth, they have father-daughter, or mother-daughter retreats, women rejuvienating weekends, and A LOT more.

We came home Friday from school, finished packing, and by 4:45 p.m. we were on our way to camp in one of our two 15 passenger vans. We stopped for pizza, and had a crazy two hour ride there! :) (You know how it is with teenagers)
There was chapel, many activities like - A climbing wall, ropes course, paintball, horseback riding, flag football, and some other fun tournaments. We got to learn a lot, praise God, and grow together spiritually. It was incredible! Here are some pictures:

Erin's things just about packed!

My things, that were all packed. Yes, I might have over-packed for the weekend, but I did use everything I brought, do don't judge. :)

Playing ultimate spoons!

It got a bit crazy, as everyone decided to dive for them!

Flag Football!

We won our first game, but lost our second so we didn't get to the championship. It was also great to watch other youth groups play together!

Erin, and three of our friends from church we shared a cabin with!

Our cabin for the weekend! It was heated, and so cozy! :)

Heading home after a much needed, and amazing weekend!

Can't wait to go back... Camp Shamineau is a great place to come anytime!

So that's where we were missing all weekend, and we ALL loved every minute of it! Hope your weekend was just as fun, and busy!



The dB family said...

Looks like great fun!! Those cabins look really cozy too. I'm glad you enjoyed a weekend with friends.


Michlyn said...

Yes we were all realmy surprised how well we slept! Of course it wasn't as much sleep as we would have hoped, but super FUN none-the-less!