Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Funk

I'm going to copy Jody over at her blog and talk about some "Fall Funk". Sort of a brain dump, or small update on our crazy life.

1. I wish that the house would always be clean. All the time. Not have to worry about making messes, or ever having to use a toilet brush or vacuum again.

2. Homework is not my hobby. Even though it might seem like I like to do it, since I'm doing it 24/7 a few hours each night.

3. Siblings DO drive me crazy. Some more than others depending on the day, and what they do and will continue to drive me crazy throughout my life. Especially when they're hurting others at the same time...

4. I love Fall... I really do. But I mean really; why does it have to be this cooollldd? I know, I know it's Minnesota and almost November but I would love for it to heat up just a bit. 

5. I love compliments. Just today I got more than 4 compliments on my hair. Makes me smile every time.

6. Teachers frustrate me. Not often or a lot, but sometimes they just do. Do they think I like failing a paper, having to redo it in 2 days, and now currently having a C- in that subject?? Ugh


8. We seem to have a seat-buckle issue with 'T' right now. Sometimes refusing to buckle, and having mom get out more than 3 times to help her back in - In the middle of the carpool lane at school, thus backing up the long line.

9. I can't wait to drive. haha I'm getting Drivers Ed from my parents this year for my birthday!! Which is in 13 days! Thought I'd remind you again... 

10. Dinner and dishes seem to come faster and faster everyday... Poor mom. I was surprised to come home today and see the kitchen was clean. Then I told her nice job!

11. Halloween came up WAY too soon this year. Do we have pumpkins yet? Nope. Do we have any decorations up for Fall? One or two. (We don't put all those creepy decorations up like some people - no offense to anyone, but people can go over the top sometimes.)

12. I'm craving some Ethiopian food right about now. It's so expensive, and we haven't been there recently at all. I think it's a good sign to know we've been saving a little bit of $$$.

13. I don't think I've been to Walmart, or Target in more than a month! Oh. My. Goodness. Definitely need my shopping fix soon... Even if I don't buy anything.

14. My dad's boss frustrates me (and my mom), and especially my dad sometimes. He hasn't gotten a higher paycheck in more than 5 years, and just found out that they are hiring more employees for about the same salary as him. Talk about frustrating. I mean really people?! Wake up and look at my dad - He's the hardest working guy ever!

15. The End.

Thanks for reading my pretty very long vent about life. We're doing just fine... Taking one step at a time. Our God is good, and that's stuck in our heads at this point. Have a good Tuesday night!


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The dB family said...

I hear you! I guess we can just chalk up to like. It makes me so thankful for God's grace and loving hands.


Lol! Word Verification: bummersi Wonder what definition could be made with that?