Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update - 15 months

This is an in-between post, because yesterday [15 months ago] my parents brought 'T' home with them forever, and in four days [15 months ago] they all were in an airport coming to greet us.

'T' has been taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back in progress. Somedays I'm amazed at how well she listens, and other days I'm amazed at how her behavior can go comepletely backwards. This past week has been extremely hard... There has been arguments, fighting, disobedience, and sometimes she's remembering her losses.

All these things are usually happening when we're at school, and my mom is home. She is so worn out by the end of the day - between driving back and forth 3 times, and trying to stay calm on bad days.

Reverting backwards is tiring, and it feels like we're making no progress. She can fight, and fight, and fight, and there is usually nothing to stop her. Forever we will love her, and forever she will be with us no matter how many tough things we go through.

She is a very smart little girl, and sometimes a little too smart. She's spunky, she's got attitude, and we love her. We have to be reminded often of how God put her here with us for his specific purpose and plan. Not because of what we want to be "normal" again, or how much we want her pain to go away, but because it's His plan for us to help her.

'T' you're amazing, and we pray everyday for strength and wisdom to help you. We will never fully know or understand your story, and you will never fully know our lives before you came.
Jesus loves us no matter what - remember that.

In Him,


The dB family said...

Beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes.


Michlyn said...

Thank you Deborah! :)

Blessings and ((Hugs)),