Wednesday, October 5, 2011


J. received a character award for RESPECT yesterday.

[re·spect·ful:  full of, characterized by, or showing politeness or deference]

And this momma couldn't be more proud.

It is wonderful to know your children are true to who they are where ever they go.

J. is compassionate.



and respectful to all.

Way to go buddy.

We are so proud of you!

"Show proper respect to everyone" I Peter 2:17



The dB family said...

Way to go J! You and your husband are raising beautiful (inside and out) children Becky! If, not but by the grace of God, yes?


Becky said...

Thank you Deborah!
Only by the GRACE of God!
After a very hard night last night, I was so clearly reminded "this" has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him. To God be the glory always.
In Him,
PS. You & your family are a blessing to me (and Michlyn) - if even just through the WWW. :)Thank you!